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JOYRIDER TV video index - updated 28/10/2020

1 - Essentials


2 - Hobie 16 set up (and take down)


3 - F18 / Tornado set up (and take down)


4 - Trapezing


5 - F18/Tiger/Tornado etc technique


6 - Spinnaker


7 - HOBIE 14


8 - Various technique videos


9 - Get your boat ready


10 - Sort out your steering


11 - F18/Tiger/Tornado jib system


12 - Drama on the high seas!


13 - Monohull sailing


14 - GoPro - camra mounting


15 - Races


16 - About Wildwind


17 - Onboard Videos:


18 -Wildwind Mauritius


19 - Quick Tips - indexed


20- Quick tips specials (less quick)


21 - ROPE


22 - Reviews


23 - miniguides


24 - Capsize righting R&D


25 - Other stuff


26 - Stretching for sailors live




1 - Essentials


Basics of Cat Sailing

What's most important while sailing

Power control, which way to steer

Landing with onshore wind

Landing with Cross shore wind

Capsize righting - from full inversion

Man Overboard!

How to get back on


How to trapeze

Fundamentals of tacking

Fundamentals of Gybing

Upwind Technique H16

Downwind technique H16

Basic rules of the road

Beginner sailing lesson 1

Beginner sailing lesson 2



2 - Hobie 16 set up (and take down)


Complete H16 assembly

Hobie 16 building 1 - platform

Hobie 16 Building 2 - trampoline

Hobie 16 building 3 - mast rigging

Hobie 16 building 4 - mast up with hinge

Hobie 16 rig tuning

The effects of mast rake explained

Rigging the Hobie 16 - main and jib

Easier Hobie 16 hoisting mainsail

Mainsheet and Traveller

Threading the 6:1 mainsheet

Reefing the H16

dismantle the H16

Hobie 16 jib sheet and traveller system



3 - F18 / Tornado/ FX1 set up (and take down)


Tiger Platform Build and trampoline

FX1 complete assembly

Tornado Platform Build

Tornado complete assembly

F18 style Mast rigging

Raise the tiger mast

F18 mast set up Pre Bend

F18 mast set up Rake

F18 mast set up Rig tension

Hoisting the Tiger mainsail

Hoisting the Tiger Jib

Sail hoisting made easy

Hoisting and dropping Tiger main whilst sailing

Tiger Mainsheet and Downhaul

Threading the 8:1 mainsheet

Rig tension with no gauge

Dismantle the Hobie Tiger



4 - Trapezing


How to trapeze

Chosing a trapeze harness

The Adjustable trapeze system

Helming on the trapeze made easier

The complete trapeze system



5 - F18/Tiger/Tornado etc technique


Tiger Upwind crew positions

Tiger Downwind positions

Tiger - trapezing

Tiger - Upwind - high wind

Tiger - Tacking  - high wind

Tiger - Bear  away - high wind

Tiger - Downwind - high wind

Tiger - Spinnaker drop - high wind

Tiger - Gybing - high wind

Hobie Tiger mainsail sattings

Correct daggerboard position

Don't snap your daggerboards



6 - Spinnaker


Catamaran Spinnaker techinique

Single line Spinnaker

Rigging the spinnaker

Attachng the bowsprit 1

Attaching the bowsprit 2

Replace your spi halyard

Fitting a spinnaker to your boat

Bowsprit and furler arrangement

Jib And spinnaker systems

H16 beginner spinnaker lesson

H16 with spinnaker an introduction

Crew training for hoists and drops



7 - HOBIE 14


H14 tuning

Tacking The H14

Hobie 14 capsize righting

H14 tacking troubleshooting light wind

H14 tacking troubleshooting stronger wind

H14 easy solo mast raise



8 - Various technique videos


Avoiding the jib wrap H16

how to sail fast

Flying the hull

Solo Light wind technique H16

Backwards sailing

Rudderless sailing

Anchoring and mooring

Capsizing your boat on land





9 - Get your boat ready


Pre Season Checks

Pre Sail Checks

buying a used h16

which upgrades to make

Mainsheet Cleating Angles

Get your mainsheet the right length

Tieing in battens

Straighten the bent mast

Replacing traveller balls

Miracle boat cleaner

Fast bridle wire change technique



10 - Sort out your steering


When to service your rudders

Fix your heavy steering

Rudder alignment

Rudder casting service

Service your Hobie Rudders

How to replace your rudder cam

Quick easy cam fix



11 - F18/Tiger/Tornado jib system


Tiger jib system

Furling the self tacking jib

Tiger.Tornado.F18 Jib halyard system

Jib and downhaul takeaway sytem



12 - Drama on the high seas!


Capsize FX1

Capsize H14

Capsize Dragoon

Capsize H16 solo pitchpole

Tornado mast break mast head camera

H14 mast comes down

7 ways to capsize



13 - Monohull sailing


Foiling Laser - onboard

Foiling Laser - 20 knots

Foiling Laser wedge testing

Foiling RS Aero

Tacking the Laser

High wind Laser Sailing - 18 knots

Laser Kicker Assembly

49er sailing with Josh and Fraser

Is Laser Sailing Fun?



14 - GoPro - camra mounting


GoPro - which camera where

GoPro mounting ideas

GoPro - how to mast mount

GoPro - how to overlay speedo



Low budget pole mount

2 Great Camera Mounts

Low budget pole/boom mount

How to add a speedo



15 - Races


Hobie 16 solo mixed fleet - light wind

Fx1 Match race

FX1 mixed fleet race - windy

FX1 mixed fleet race - light wind

Ionian Regatta 2007

Ionian Regatta 2008

Ionian Regatta 2014

Ionian Regatta 2019

Hobie Tiger Worlds 2008

Tornado Worlds 2012 1 lap

Tornado Europeans 2018 race 6

Tornado Europeans 2019 race 6





16 - About Wildwind


Guided tour of wildwind

The Wildwind Cat Fleet

The Wildwind sailing area

The beaches of Lefkada

The beaches of Lefkada 2



17 - Onboard Videos:


Dragoon onboard - mid wind with spi

Hobie 14 onboard - windy with mast drop

Hobie 14 onboard - high wind speed test

Hobie 14 onboard - speed run

Hobie 15 onboard - a classic joyride

Hobie 16 onboard - a classic joyride

Hobie 16 onboard - popular

Hobie 16 onboard - fastest ever!

Hobie 16 onboard - 23.53 knots

Hobie 16 onboard - fastest of 2019

Hobie 16 onboard - 4 way joyride

Hobie 16 onboard - mid wind manouvers

Hobie 16 onboard - 4 joyrides 25 knots

Hobie 16 onboard - solo - reefed

Hobie 16 onboard - windiest 2019

Hobie 16 onboard - solo - too windy

Hobie 16 onboard - strong wind multicam

Hobie 16 onboard - gps speed test

Hobie 16 onboard - solo technique

Hobie 16 onboard - multicam commentary

Hobie 16 onboard - looking for speed

Hobie 16 onboard - solo lockdown

Hobie 16 onboard - solo NO JIB

Hobie 16 onboard - solo EASY JNR

Hobie 16 onboard - solo tacking and gybing

Hobie 16 onboard - solo H14 mainsail

Hobie 16 onboard - solo no trapeze high wind

Hobie 16 onboard - solo no trapeze how fast

Hobie 16 onboard - max speed @14.59

Hobie 16 onboard - solo - hull flying timed

Hobie 16 onboard - 220 kgs full beans

Hobie 16 onboard - too windy!!!

Hobie 16 onboard - 2 classic joyrides

Hobie 16 onboard - big wind no chat

Hobie 16 onboard - with real capsize!

Hobie 16 onboard - mast head cam joyride

Hobie 16 onboard - 25knots with 14 sail!

Hobie 16 onboard - 25.4 knots - biggest speed of 2020

Hobie 16 onboard - how to sail faster solo

Hobie 16 onboard - solo - rope management

C2 - F18 speed stick attempt

C2 - F18 decksweeper introduction

C2 - F18 full power joyride

C2 - F18 3 joyrides, bowsprit cam

C2 - F18 first time out

C2 - F18 a burning lap with Alistair

C2 - F18 5 joyrides spi pole cam

C2 - F18 first time out 2020

FX1 - solo with spinnaker (16 knots)

FX1 - solo with spinnaker (17 knots)

FX1 - solo - most wind biggest speed (21.59 knots)

Hobie Tiger - Full Power

Hobie Tiger - Solo

Hobie Tiger - Looking for speed

Hobie Tiger - fastest ever?

Tornado - A burning lap

Tornado - Tornado vs C2



18 - Wildwind Mauritius (all Hobie 16)


First time out

Sailaway in big waves with Hemsley

Sailaway to tropical beach

Light wind spillway to another tropical beach

Onboard speed run

Sailaway 15 knots kite up

Tour of Wildwind MRU

Onboard speed run 2

Kitesurfing Le Morne



19 - Quick Tips



Trolley technique


Mainsail hoist


Mainsheet block snap shackle



Make your own stick


Sticky Traveller


Mast not rotating


Trolley technique



Folding the spinnaker


How much rig tension on the 16


Getting back on the boat - a modification


Tightening shackles


Forestay chainplate protector



Get rid of fibreglass splinters


Replace harken cleat springs


Trapeze shock cord routing



Rudders - put them down nicely


Rudders - when to service


H16 downhaul - the 6:1 system



Jib furling in strong wind


jib battens getting caught on the mast


Mainsheet block snap shackle


Repair rope with separated core



Age of your boat - how to find


H16 trapeze shock cord routing


Mooring system


Trapeze system



Jib Tack Position


Bridle wire wind indicators


F18 downhaul block tidy


Tiger mainsail hoist



Capsize righting lines


Hoisting a sticky main


H16 mainhalyard to avoid catching the jib


H16 jib travellers



Mainsheet and traveller arrangement


Untangle the mainsheet


Jib hoisting and dropping


H16 forestay tidying


Adjusting the adjustable trapeze



Get the trapeze out of the way in light wind


Spinnaker chute - prevent the wobble


Stop a swinging boom


F18 downhaul guidelines



F18 balance the jib and downhaul lines


Spinnaker - easily uncleat


F18 keep the forestay solid while sheeting the jib

Moving the boat in heavy wind - in the water

Spinnaker chute - keep it tight


Wildwind Live Update





Protect your spinnaker


Protect your finger


Protect your mast - if it leaks


Wet telltales


Get more downhaul on easily




Don't do this E1

Don't do this E2



20 - Quick tips specials (less quick)


Low budget self tacking jib H16

What's in the box


Salad Dressing mast cleaner

Mainsheet systems

What to wear

Don't damage your rudder blades

Hobie 16 forestay double chainplate



21 - ROPE


Rope types and lengths

Knots for sailors



22 - Reviews


The Hobie Pacific - why you want one

SHould you buy a Hobie 16

Should you buy EPO3 rudder blades

RS Zest Review

Xero Colorado Unboxing

Xero Colorado Review

Combat flip flops Overland review

Non original sails and trampolines - reviews by you



23- mini guides



Downhaul and outhaul

Downhaul measurements

Jib Tack + Clew positions




24 - Capsize righting R&D


righting pole on Janko’s FX1

Hobie 14 capsize righting

H16 easy junior capsize righting

Capsize righting with the bag

Capsize righting with mast head float

Capsize righting - solo

Capsize righting line anchor points - any difference

Capsize righting pole MK1

Capsize righting pole MK2



25 - Other stuff


How fast is a windsurfer

How fast is a SUP

Foiling behind a Hobie 16



26 - Stretching for sailors live


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Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

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