Boat Maintenance

How to Change Your Rudder Cam (Hobie)

The rudder cam on a hobie can wear over time or break which will result in the rudder not locking down correctly. Here you can see how to replace the rudder cam quickly and easily.

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How to Replace Your Traveller Balls

On a ball bearing traveller for the mainsheet, the balls can develop flat spots over time which results in a sticking traveller. Replacing the balls should result in your traveller car gliding like new. – do give your traveller a good rinse before going for the ball replacement as a salt build up can make your traveller stick.

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How to Service Your Rudders (Hobie System)

On Hobies, the rudder syatem will wear with use. This wear will result in play in the system which will make your boat handle badly. The following steps should help reduce this play and make your boat handle better.

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How to Assemble A Hobie Tiger (or similar)

If you have a pile of bits that hopefully are a Hobie Tiger. This video should give you a good idea of how to take them from their current state into a ready to put the mast up platform. This will be the same for any of the larger Hobies – 20 formula, fox, wildcat, 21 etc.

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