joyride |ˈjoiˌrīd|noun informala fast and dangerous ride,  a pleasure ride in an automobile, especially when the vehicle is driven recklessly or used without the owner’s permission.

DERIVATIVES joyrider |-ˌrīdər|noun

In this context a Joyride is to sail, in high winds, on a fast catamaran.

On this website you will find tutorials to help you improve the performance of your catamaran, coming soon, tutorials on how to sail your catamaran with better technique and finesse, hopefully resulting in less swimming, more boatspeed and more effective manoeuvring. is brought to you by Joe Bennett


I have been teaching cat sailing at Wildwind Greece since 1996 and before that, working for Brian Phipps in the UK teaching Cat Sailing.

For 25 years now my life has been dedicated to cat sailing, whether it be teaching, racing, flying the hull or doing crazy sh*t (don’t ask about the waterski ramp!)

Main classes most recently have been Hobie 16, Tiger and Tornado classes.

I also now consider myself the man when it comes to the Hobie rudder system!